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How to add a subgrid in a crmForm for displaying related records in crm 2011

CRM 2011 brings along really cool and easy to use features. Today we will talk  about one of them and that is, how to show a sub grid of a related entity on a master entity.

How does it help to show related entity grid on a CRM 2011 form?

The answer is simple, it is all about usability if you can see all the communication activities of a contact on the same form without clicking or going to a new tab isn’t it wonderful. It saves you time and improves user experience.

How to do it?

Let us take a scenario to answer this question. Suppose you have an entity in CRM 2011 by name Organization now you want to show all employees of this organization in a sub grid on organization entity. For doing so please follow the following steps

1- Go to your solution and open organization entity form as shown in the image below

Image 1

CRM 2011 Form Customization screen

Customization screen

2- Now goto insert tab in left top of the organization form as shown in image below.



3- Click on the subgrid button.


How to add Sub Grid

4- select tab  in which you want to add subgrid.


5- After clicking on the subgrid button (that appears on the top of the form) you will see it requires the following

Name ,Label,checkbox for display label on the form and in the datasource section you can see

1- Picklist of records (select only related record ).

2- Entity picklist(for which you want to add picklist).

3.Picklist of different views you can select according to your need.Edit and New button are also available if you want to update or make a new view as per your requirements

Now you can select different checkbox from Additional options section according to your need


Hope this helps

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