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How to create charts in MS Dynamics crm 2011 and add them to a Dashboard?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011  provides a new feature to customize  visualization chart against a single entity view,  so we can see graphical representation of data using your CRM views.  This helps to analyze the data in a better manner. CRM 2011 provide 5 different type of charts namely

  • Column Charts,
  • Bar Charts, 
  • Line Charts,
  • Pie Charts and
  • Funnel Charts.

Now I am going to discuss how to create charts against a entity view. We can show graphic visualization between any two fields of an entity which are related to each other. For this purpose let us take an example to create chart for contact entity’s two fields “created on” Vs “fullname” of contact.

Now we can use following steps to create chart.

step – 1   Goto  the settings area and open your solution package.

step -2  Click on the contact entity and  double click on the chart from the left menus.

step – 3 Now we can make a new chart for contact entity.

 In above image we can see  picklist field of different view and second field for chart name  now we can select 2 fields name of entity from picklist for which want want to see chart.

Now we can see no. of contact createdon different weeks in the form of a bar chart.

Now I will be discussing how to create dashboard for charts and list?

Follow the steps below.

Step -1 Goto workplace, then to Dashboard.

Step – 2  Click the new button from Dashboard ribbon tool bar (See highlighted in the image below)

Step -3   Select the layout for dashboard.

Step -4  Please provide a name to the Dashboard. If you look closely on the dashboard section you will see 4 different images 1) Represent adding a chart 2) Represent adding a list 3) Represent adding a Web resource etc. Here we will be adding a Chart, so click on the chart image.

Step 5- On clicking the chart image a new window will open (see image below).  Now simply select an entity and view along with the Chart you want to add.  Once done click ‘Ok’ button.

Now you can see dashboard for contact entity records.

Hope this helps.

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