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How to programmatically change the password of currently logged in user in Dot Net Nuke?

If you want to change password of currently logged in user. Then following code can be helpful for you.

Boolean changepass = UserController.ChangePassword(this.UserInfo,
YourOldPassword.Text, YourNewPassowrd.Text);

if (changepass)
(this, “Your Password has been changed successfully”,



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Some Important DotNetNuke Skin Tokens!!

DotNetNuke is a great ASP .Net based CMS with is widely used across the system. It supports many exciting features which makes management, extension of website really easy, Allowing you to concentrate on your business need. DNN  is structured in a modular way, depending upon your need you can choose between modules to be included in your website. The same modular approach has been used to Skin DNN. Skinning defines how a DNN will appear.

Following are some very useful token which can be used while creating a DNN skin.

Name Token Description
Logo [LOGO] This holds a graphics file which represents the
entity or the topic your site is about. This is
commonly referred to a banner, but don’t confuse
this with the DNN banner skin object listed next.
Banner [BANNER] This is a place holder for advertising banners.
Menu [NAV] This is the menu or navigational control of the site.
In the past, the tokens [SOLPARTMENU] and
[MENU] have been used.
Search [SEARCH] This allows users to search the content within your
site, or now, with later versions of DNN, the web.
Language [LANGUAGE] On a multilingual DNN site, it allows the user to
change his/her preferred language.
Current Date [CURRENTDATE] This simply displays the current date based on the
location of the web server.
Breadcrumb [BREADCRUMB] Lists out the hierarchical location of the page you’re
currently on.
Username [USER] This will display your username when you’re
logged in or Register when you’re not. When it
displays your username, it will link the user to their
account settings. When it displays Register, it will
link to a page where the user may register.
Login [LOGIN] Allows users to log in and log out.
Copyright [COPYRIGHT] Displays a simple copyright notice.
Name Token Description
Terms of Use [TERMS] Links to a page where the terms of use are located.
[PRIVACY] Links to a page where the privacy statement is
[DOTNETNUKE] Displays copyright information on DotNetNuke
and links to its site.
Help [HELP] Displays the text Help as a link to the site’s
Host Name [HOSTNAME] Displays a link to the host portal within the DNN
Tree View
[TREEVIEWMENU] Serves as a navigational menu with expandable and
collapsible nodes. This is typically used on the left
side of a DNN skin.
Links [LINKS] Displays a list of links to the parent and sibling
levels of pages within the site. This makes it easier
for search engines to index your site.

Hope this helps!!

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